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New error codes

Bruno Celeste (@brunoceleste)

October 18, 2013 Features

It was difficult to know what is really going on with the HLS API and the preview API because of the lack of specific error codes, so we added new ones:


  • 1000 Unknown error
  • 1001 Segment files not uploaded successfully
  • 1002 m3u8 playlist not uploaded successfully
  • 1003 Segment files creation failed

Preview API


  • 2000 Unknown error
  • 2001 Thumbnails not uploaded successfully
  • 2002 Thumbnail generation failed

GIF animation

  • 2100 Unknown error
  • 2101 GIF animation not uploaded successfully
  • 2102 GIF generation failed


  • 2200 Unknown error
  • 2201 Storyboard not uploaded successfully
  • 2202 Storyboard generation faile

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