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Zooppa selects Coconut to outsource video encoding for its creative community for brands

May 09, 2014 Customers

We are so pleased to announce that Coconut partners with Zooppa. is the world's leading creative crowdsourcing platform. Over 100 leading brands and their agencies work with Zooppa to create fresh, on-brief content, including videos, prints, music and concepts. Zooppa is based in Seattle with 200,000 members around the world.


Zooppa provides high-standard video content management to major entertainment and media industries. Because of this, we had to offer a high-level video encoding service to perfectly fit their customers' expectations. It was imperative that we handled their projects perfectly.

Kunal Mahajan CTO at Zooppa
Our entire business model hinges on our ability to process large number of videos. Coconut made it all possible without breaking the bank. Now, we can scale up to hundreds of encoding jobs within seconds.

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