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Why TryApt decided to outsource video encoding for its video advices project?

October 22, 2014 Customers

We are so happy to announce that Coconut partners with TryApt. TryApt is a famous Norwegian web development agency. They made a campaign website for a client where the people of Norway could upload their best advices recorded on video. By the end of the campaign they had over 3000 advices on the website. Their client also bought every commercial break for 24 hours on Norway's biggest commercial TV channel. Over 1000 of the advices were shared with everyone on TV during the commercial breaks within the 24 hours.


We had the chance to interview Marius Nettum, web developer at TryApt.

Marius, why did you decide to move your video encoding to the Cloud?

Our previous provider was missing some critical functionalities we needed when encoding this many videos for our project.

Why did you choose Coconut?

We needed to encode thousands of video files uploaded by users from their mobile phones, tablet or computer. Coconut offered fast and reliable encoding to all the required formats for web and television. The team could deliver the critical functionalities we needed when encoding videos. This includes encoding to all the required formats, generate thumbnails and automatic rotation of videos that is taken upside down or in portrait mode. Automatic rotation was really important for us to avoid doing this manually on thousands of videos. The price-model is also very affordable comparing to previous providers.

How fast and handy was your integration with Coconut?

The API was easy to understand and you have full control on what is happening with the Coconut control panel. It didn't take long to integrate the API into our project. The Coconut staff also answered questions and fixed minor bugs within hours after we reported them.

Marius NettumWeb Developer at TryApt
We can highly recommend Coconut to everyone that needs video encoding of some sort.

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