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Why Distinct Marketing decided to outsource video encoding for its digital displays platform?

August 15, 2015 Customers

We are so thrilled excited to announce that Coconut partners with Distinct Marketing. Distinct creates Award-Winning Digital Displays for displaying videos, images and other key information in an automotive, boat dealer, or retail showrooms. A touchscreen interface allows customers to view model information, along with tools such as interactive monthly payment calculators and options-lists. Even the most technologically challenged can create professional presentations in minutes on our Content Creator website: upload videos/images, enter in basic vehicle information and wirelessly deliver the presentation to a display of their choice.

Distinct Marketing

We had the chance to interview Jani Gyllenberg, Founder of Distinct, Inc.

Jani, why did you decide to move your video encoding to the Cloud?

From day one, our goal was to utilize the power of “the cloud” to provide the best experience for our customers.

Why did you select Coconut?

Great API (time saving), great support and a platform that simply works (its been over a year now and Coconut has not let us down once).

How fast and handy was your integration with Coconut?

When we tested out other transcoding services, the integrations were always very complicated and took up a lot of time. Coconut had us up and running in a few minutes time. It just worked.

Distinct Marketing
Jani GyllenbergFounder of Distinct Marketing
Coconut was a no brainer: great API that saved us a ton of time, amazing support, and lighting fast processing.

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