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Why Unstock decided to outsource video encoding for its mobile-first marketplace for stock-video footage?

June 21, 2016 Customers

We are so thrilled to announce that Coconut partners with Unstock. UnStock is a mobile-first marketplace for stock-video footage. We believe that the best camera is the one that is always with you. New iPhone changed everything. Everyone can shoot great videos, even with 4k resolution and slow motion. We allow anyone to sell their mobile videos online, on the go - without using desktop platform. At UnStock you can find videographers all around the world, ready to answer our specific footage requests within an hour. UnStock just finished with success AngelPad #10 program in NYC and now is in growth stage.


We had the chance to interview Adam Cellary, CTO of Unstock.

Adam, why did you decide to move your video encoding to the Cloud?

We needed to take control of video formats that are displayed online on marketplace. Each clip uploaded via web uploader is converted to desired formats and displayed with watermark on our marketplace. Conversion time is crucial, so users don’t have to wait too long for their clips to be ready.

Why did you select Coconut?

We like the pricing and support of all professional codecs (eg. ProRes).

How fast and handy was your integration with Coconut?

It was super easy, with well documented API and web hooks anyone who have minimum experience with working with APIs will do it in no time.

Adam CellaryCTO of Unstock
It’s the 3rd project we are running on Coconut.
Integration, customer support and encoding quality are really great!

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