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Why Diverxity selected Coconut to outsource video encoding for its social media platform

April 05, 2017 Customers

We are so thrilled to announce that Coconut partners with Diverxity. Diverxity is social media platform for artist and freethinkers to showcase their creations and at the same time, monetize their work. Diverxity was created on the idea the fair trade and social awareness can change the creative landscape for models and photographers.


We had the chance to interview Richard Young, co-founder at Diverxity.

Hi Richard, why did you decide to move your video encoding to the Cloud?

We did basic testing with Coconut compared to another encoding provider and got a better level of service from customer service and we also noticed great performance. We contacted the coconut team to see if they could provide a larger customized package and they did.

Why did you choose Coconut?

Finally we selected Coconut because of the support and cost. We looked at building a small farm of encoding servers, but the time to build it and the return was not worth the price. We looked at other video encoding companies. However, coconut was fastest to reply to emails, quickest to address problems and they worked with us to get great high volume processing prices.

How fast and handy was your integration with Coconut?

We have a large base of users, so integration took a while because we had to extensive testing before deployment. However, once the testing was done, we have had no problems. It also allows us to grow and use HLS much easier than any other platform; we are just finishing up our HLS integration. Addationally coconut has an programmers than can help make sure they API has all the function you need.

Richard YoungCo-Founder at Diverxity
Coconut has reduced our expense on video encoding over a 1000% and has also provided 100% uptime.

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