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Why Webcast-TV decided to outsource video encoding for its cloud-based video webcast platform?

May 09, 2018 Customers

We are so pleased to announce that Coconut partners with WebCast-TV. WebCast-TV is a simple, powerful and scalable cloud based video webcast platform at an affordable price. Not trying to compete against the mega compaines such as YouTube, Livestream and Ustream etc... as a small company they focus on building close relationships with their customers and develop their service around what they are after. Their website platform has just undergone a major overhaul and their customer feedback has been just great. They have new features that were requested by customers that no other companies provide and more that are to come. They continue to grow and look for partners and investors that can make their ideas a reality.


We had the chance to interview Tom Grey, CEO at WebCast-TV.

Tom, why did you decide to move your video encoding to the Cloud?

WebCast-TV started out using a large online video transcoding service but the price was too high for the volume of traffic we had. We set up our own encoding server several years ago but trying to make it scalable for the future ended up making us rethink. We made the decision that its better to use a third party who specializes in the technical aspect of online encoding as well as the hardware and infrastructure required leaving us to focus on what we do best.

Why did you select Coconut?

In the last year WebCast-TV has been working on a major overhaul of our platform. Around the time that we were about to go back to using our previous encoding service we got a personal email from Coconut after they had come across our website. Since we had some time to try out their services, we agreed to run some tests. We really liked their simple API and if we needed to ask questions we got answers promptly. We believe HeyWach has the performance to meet our own and our clients needs, and at a cost that is acceptable to all.

How fast and handy was your integration with Coconut?

Within only a couple of days we had fully integrated the service into our platforms workflow and with successful tests.

Tom GreyCEO of WebCast-TV
Using Coconut has really simplified our video transcoding by leaving the technical aspect to them as well as the hardware and infrastructure required.

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