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Why Codecourse decided to outsource video encoding for its learn-to-code video platform?

January 08, 2019 Customers

We are so excited to announce that Coconut teams up with Codecourse. Codecourse is a platform for developers to learn to code through practical screencasts. They started on YouTube and now serve thousands of developers on with quality content on that helps them build awesome stuff, pick up new techniques, write cleaner code, and have fun doing it!


We had the chance to interview Alex Garrett-Smith, Founder of Codecourse.

Alex, why did you decide to move your video encoding to the Cloud?

We allow members to download any video they can stream on Our main video encoding and delivery for streaming content is all handled by an all-in-one provider, but we needed to offload the job of encoding downloadable videos for our members. Previously, this was done by manually running a command to ingest the already encoded video and pushing it to DigitalOcean spaces, where it could be downloaded. This was cumbersome and we had little control over the processing options for video downloads (we need these to be as small as possible while retaining as much quality as possible). Encoding video downloads separately also means we can add a separate watermark, because we wouldn’t want this to appear on the streaming video.

Why did you choose Coconut?

We tried several providers at the same time to test how easy they were to work with and integrate. What set Coconut apart was the clean interface, detailed documentation, easy API integration and most importantly, the support we received while testing it out. While playing around with encoding and the API, we made a few mistakes with configuration our end, and before we had a chance to reach out, Coconut support contacted us to resolve the problem. You just don’t find that level of support anywhere else! The price is also really attractive. We’re a small business with a limited budget, but Coconut’s fair and predictable pricing means we don’t have to keep checking up on how much we’re spending.

How fast and handy was your integration with Coconut?

Smooth! We use Laravel Nova as our backend admin panel and wanted to be able to select a batch of videos to be sent for processing. It look only around an hour to get this hooked up to Coconut. The best part was being able to specify the webhook URL for each encoding job, which means we can easily identify each video once it’s been encoded and update the database accordingly. Now we don’t even need to think about what Coconut is doing behind the scenes, it just works.

Alex Garrett-SmithFounder of Codecourse
"You just don’t find that level of support anywhere else! The price is also really attractive."

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