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Why Magistum selects Coconut to outsource video encoding for its learning pltaform?

May 07, 2019 Customers

We are so excited to announce that Coconut teams up with Magistum. Magistum is a time-saving intelligent information and communication system that brings together the basic processes we group under the titles of Education and Training, Corporate Communication, Management and Security.


We had the chance to interview Umut Celik, CTO at Magistum.

Umut, why did you decide to move your video encoding to the Cloud, using Coconut?

We decided to use Coconut for video encoding, because the platform is awesome, experienced in decoding/encoding, easy to use with its API and cheap.

We have a PHP 7.3 Codeigniter backend Rest API. Clients sending the multipart form data to Magistum and we are putting the uploaded data to S3 and saving the object metadata and URL to our RDBMS. If the object is a video (video/mp4, video/…) we are sending a webhook (request with a encoding parameters size:720p, thumbnail:1080px etc..) to Coconut API and response to clients the saved metadata.


After that everything goes fast and stable at Coconut side. Coconut goes S3, takes the object (video) and process the video with our request parameters such as 720p video and 1080px thumbnail. When Coconut finishes the process that its putting the object to S3, request the webhook to Magistum. Magistum updates the RDBMS data and notifies the clients.

All of the processes are working for every video upload fast and correctly. Each process takes about 2-4 seconds.

Umut Celik CTO at Magistum
"Coconut is awesome, experienced in encoding/decoding, easy to use with its API and cheap."

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