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Why PhoneBurner selects Coconut to outsource video encoding for its Dialer/CRM platform?

November 06, 2019 Customers

We are so excited to announce that Coconut teams up with PhoneBurner. PhoneBurner is a Power Dialer and CRM for sales reps and teams of all sizes. It powers the sales efforts of thousands of clients, delivering measurable gains in outbound sales productivity and performance. PhoneBurner power dials leads, instantly drops voicemails and sends emails, and automates post-call workflows so reps have up to 4x more live conversations. Unlike other dialer software, PhoneBurner has no awkward pause or connection delay, so every call starts off naturally. A built-in CRM and powerful suite of tools helps sales reps build a bigger, more engaged pipeline. A dedicated admin dashboard helps managers organize their team and data, while delivering the reports and analytics needed to boost performance and grow revenue.


We had the chance to interview Paul Rydell, Founder and CTO of PhoneBurner.

Paul, why did you decide to move your video encoding to the Cloud for PhoneBurner?

It became extremely frustrating trying to support all the various formats that our users were uploading video with. With Coconut we support almost any video format our users give us and it just works.

Why did you choose Coconut?

The pricing model to only pay for videos we encode was perfect for us. Video is not a key element of our product so we don’t have a ton of volume. Being able to pay only for what we have to encode helps us save money.

How fast and handy was your integration with Coconut?

Coconut’s API is extremely simple and flexible, and lets us choose exactly what video format we want, including size and resolution. We love that we can get animated gifs from the recordings too!

Paul Rydell Founder and CTO of PhoneBurner
"Coconut is terrific. It has made it possible for us to add a really useful video feature without the expense and headache of doing it on our own."

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