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Why FactSumo selects Coconut to outsource video encoding for its digital learning platform?

January 07, 2020 Customers

We are so excited to announce that Coconut teams up with FactSumo. FactSumo is a digital learning player for everything you have to learn. Dive in: you'll find school stuff, fun stuff, and life stuff. We know every moment matters when you're learning something new. That's why FactSumo is available on any device. Start practicing on your smartphone and move to your computer without ever missing a beat.

Fact Sumo

We had the chance to interview Kevin Ramirez, Co-Founder of FactSumo.

Kevin, why did you decide to move your video encoding to the Cloud for Fact Sumo?

We were tired of using handbrake - We wanted a process that was less manual.

Why did you choose Coconut?

Researching - Coconut was very hard to find at first.

How fast and handy was your integration with Coconut?

Not too bad - We realized we need to have a better UX for uploads.

Kevin Ramirez Co-Founder of FactSumo
"We're using Coconut because it was a massive time saver and we really like their pricing model."

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