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Why Queue partnered with Coconut to outsource video encoding for its real-time feedback platform?

September 07, 2020 Customers

We are so excited to announce that Coconut teams up with Queue.

Queue lets video professionals get feedback on their work from clients and teammates in real time.


We had the chance to interview Masud Hossain, CoFounder at Queue.

Masud, why did you decide to move your video encoding to the Cloud for Queue?

We decided to move our encoding to the cloud because we have a lot of non mp4 video uploads and building our own internal transcoder would be far too much work.

Why did you choose Coconut?

Coconut used AWS to transcode it. So we knew it was reliable. But AWS setup is super hard, thankfully coconut took care of that part for us and had a ruby gem for a quick integration.

How fast and handy was your integration with Coconut?

It was super smooth! I only had one question on the setup and the coconut team was able to respond to me within 24 hours to resolve it.

Masud Hossain CoFounder at Queue
"We found Coconut and realized we could have an amazing transcoder setup in less than an hour!"

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