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A New Video Preview API To Boost User Engagement

May 29, 2013 Features

We are very pleased to announce the release of our Video Preview API dedicated to video preview enhancement. As you know, there is always more video content available on the Web, but users always have less time to watch it. As a result, only great video content gets traffic, views, and conversions.

What about yours? Our Video Preview API will allow you to make your videos truly engaging with its original and stunning visual styles.


With high-quality screenshots, create an amazing Storyboard that serves as a great visual teaser.

Video Preview API - Storyboard

GIF Animation

Generate a must-see animated GIF that captures and retains your audience's attention with a fascinating animation.

Video Preview API - Animated GIF


You can also create a high-resolution static PNG or JPG image to impress your users and visitors.

You can add a punchy preview into your video player, or anywhere in your website or application, to instantly enhance your users' visual experience. Your imagination is the limit.

Can't wait to use this new feature? Just go and read the Video Preview API Documentation. Note that there is no additional or hidden fee to enjoy this new API.

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