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Introducing the Robot API

July 05, 2013 Features

Making your Coconut integration easier and easier has always been our most important goal. That's why we have just released our brand new Robot API.

Robot API

Set Up And Organize Your Instructions Quickly

The Robot API uses a file in .INI format in which you organize your API calls as a succession of chronological events. The instructions appear as a list of tasks that the Robot must execute.

Of course, you may want a task to happen before, at the same time as, or after another task. For this purpose, we offer a very handy indentation method for organizing your tasks.

Note that all of the methods from our existing APIs are available through the Robot API. It works like a Meta API that combines our Video Encoding API, HTTP Live Streaming API and Video Preview API.

Robot API INI File

Fast Integration And Updates

With our Robot API Documentation, you can integrate Coconut in minutes. Use a simple .INI file format to list the instructions you want the Robot to execute.

Adding new instructions is also very easy: just edit the .INI file to add your new event without touching your existing code. Talking about your code, it's just a matter of making one HTTP request:

curl -u HW-API-Key:apikey -X POST -T coconut.ini \

We updated all the Client Libraries so you can get started right now.

We hope you will enjoy this API as much as we do.

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