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Ping request format in JSON and XML

October 15, 2013 Features

We just added a functionality to get the POST data directly in JSON or XML format instead of the usual Form/POST parameters.

To specify the ping format, just add the query string parameter ping_format=json to the ping URL. In [robot:ping] section, you will add the parameter _format = json.

A typical ping in JSON would be:

        "format_id": "iphone_720p",
        "video_id": 18957097,
        "encoded_video_id": 18957101,
        "link": "",
        "job_id": 9742501,
        "filename": "7867483.mp4"
      "type": "encode",
      "status": "success"

It works with every kind of ping you receive from Coconut.

A note about the Robot API

The ping data you receive in JSON and XML is different than the regular ping. By default the ping format is now in JSON.

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