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Introducing authentication by API key

November 07, 2013 Features

Authenticating your API calls with regular username and password represents a major drawback: security. Indeed, if someone steals your password, they can connect to your Coconut account and do very nasty things. Moreover, a password has to be changed frequently, and the problem when you do that is you have to update your code too.

Today, we've added a new way to authenticate against our API: API key. It's very simple, you can generate as many keys as you want, and also revoke them if needed. Go to your settings page to get started.

API keys

The API key authentication method uses Basic Auth like the old couple username / password, so when you generate one, replace the username by HW-API-Key and the password by your API key. It's that easy.

hw ="HW-API-Key", "k-688af0688d93f570592edef18f80c797")
hw.create("robot/job", ini)

We advise you to generate an API key now and start updating your existing projects.

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