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HEVC and VP9 now supported (Beta)

April 16, 2014 Features

We are excited to announce our support for the next generation encoding HEVC and VP9 codecs in beta.

Adding these new video codecs will allow Coconut to bring cloud video encoding to a whole new level in meeting the highest video industry requirements. HEVC video codec delivers 50% better compression than its H.264 predecessor.

Trying the HEVC or VP9 codecs is simple thanks to the dynamic format IDs and their simple syntax:

  • HEVC with MP4 container: mp4:hevc
  • VP9 with WebM container: webm:vp9

HEVC and VP9 are the future of video and promise to deliver even higher video quality for an incredible lower video bit rate, which will be great for Ultra High Definition and 4K standard.

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