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The control panel just got way better with an API Request Builder, a Ping Inspector and more

May 27, 2014 Features

We are thrilled to announce new features for the Control Panel that will help a lot with your Coconut integration.

Introducing a visual API Request Builder

We totally revamped the Job creation form that is not just a basic form anymore, but a very powerful API Request Builder that lets you use every APIs we provide. You can either submit the job directly through the interface or get the generated config to use with your code.

A Ping Inspector to inspect and debug Webhooks

One of the fundamental part of Coconut is the ping notification we send to you when specific events occur. Services like exist for that purpose but giving you this feature out of the box makes sense because everything is in one place and more integrated into the control panel.

Ping Inspector

Use the given URL whenever you need to and we will show you a nice HTTP request with syntax highlighting.

Better API Logs, available for 3 days

We now give access to 3 days of data so you have more time finding an information or a bug. We also improved the design of the page which makes everything clearer.

API logs

The control panel has never been this useful! We though a lot about how we can help you integrate Coconut very quickly and easily and we hope that all these features will improve your overall experience.

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