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HLS improvements

June 25, 2014 Features

Today, we have added a couple of improvements to our HLS API to better comply with the Apple's requirements.

Bandwidth values are more accurate

The Apple's mediastreamvalidator was complaining about the bandwidth values written in the playlists because they were too far from the actual media bitrates. Here is a typical warning message if it exceeds 10%:

WARNING: Media segment bandwidth exceeded target playlist bandwidth by 61 % ( 2.48 Mbits/sec vs. 1.54 Mbits/sec, limit is 10 %).

All the warning messages are now gone and the playlists we generate are 100% valid.

Support of Audio-only streams

iOS applications using HLS over cellular networks are required to provide at least one audio stream at 64KB/s, so in case of a very bad internet connection, the user is still able to listen to the audio track.

Coconut supports both MP3 and AAC formats. See an API example:

video_id = ${get:video::id}
format_ids = aac_64k_22050hz,hls_416x234_110k,hls_416x234_200k,hls_360p_600k,hls_360p_1000k,hls_720p,hls_1080p
output_url = s3://...@bucket/video/

Read more about the HTTP Live Streaming API here.

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