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Adding watermark support to the HLS API

Bruno Celeste (@brunoceleste)

September 09, 2014 Features

We just added watermark support to the HLS API so you can better work on your brand on mobile devices. Use the already known parameters watermark_image_url and watermark_position from the Job resource, that's easy!

video_id = ${get:video::id}
format_ids = aac_64k_22050hz,hls_416x234_110k,hls_416x234_200k,hls_360p_600k,hls_360p_1000k,hls_720p,hls_1080p
watermark_image_url =
watermark_position = bottomright
output_url = s3://...@bucket/video/

Read more info about watermarking your videos here.

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