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API update: Webhook event, thumbnail offsets and more

May 12, 2015 Features

API version: 2015-05-07

To upgrade, connect to your dashboard to review the changes with care and click on the button to immediately upgrade your version.

Here is the list of changes.

Webhook event

Sometimes you need to know in real time when something happens like a source file transferred or an output processed. You can now receive a webhook when a specific event is triggered. In addition to this, you will get an overall progress in percent so you can show a nice progress bar in your application.

To get notified for each event, declare your webhook URL like this:

set webhook =, events=true

An example of webhook when an output is processed:

  "id": 5194,
  "event": "output.processed",
  "progress": "75%",
  "format": "mp4:240p",
  "url": ""

You can learn more in the webhook documentation.

Thumbnail offsets

Another feature asked by developers is a way to grab a thumbnail at specific time of the video. It is now possible thanks to the parameter offsets.

For instance, if we want to get 3 thumbnails at 5sec, 10sec and 15sec of the video, we will write this line in our config file:

-> jpg:300x = $s3/thumb_#num#.jpg, offsets=5,10,15

Amazon S3 custom headers

Finally, we added the support of any custom headers in Amazon S3 output URL. For example, you can control the cache expiration date or add any metadata headers you need. See the complete list of headers on the Amazon S3 documentation.

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