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Introducing MPEG-DASH support

May 25, 2016 Features

API version: 2016-05-24

To upgrade, connect to your dashboard to review the changes with care and click on the button to immediately upgrade your version.

Here is the list of changes.

New MPEG-DASH output

The MPEG-DASH or Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP program allows streaming videos to be played over a variety of different internet connections. This is similar to Apple's HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).

Unlike HLS, MPEG-DASH is widely adopted by other constructors and services like Samsung, Sony, Google and Netflix. If you want adaptive bitrate streaming for Android devices, this is definitely the way to go as DASH is supported natively on this platform.

Using it with Coconut is straightforward as usual with our API:

-> dash = $s3/video.mpd

You can learn more in the MPEG-DASH documentation.

Thumbnail fit option

You can now select the fit mode between pad (default) and crop. crop is especially useful when you want a fixed thumbnail resolution while keeping the original aspect ratio and do not want black bars. Here is a comparison of a thumbnail 600x200 but with different fit mode:

fit comparison

The thumbnail with fit=crop is way better, don't you think? Again, enabling this option is simple:

-> jpg:600x200 = $s3/thumb.jpg, fit=crop

You can learn more in the thumbnail documentation.

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