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Simple Formats v2

May 31, 2016 Features

Simple Formats, formerly Dynamic Formats, just got a major update that makes the need to create a format – the old fashioned way – totally useless and deprecated.

Unlike the first version, you can specify any format specs you need, including codecs, bitrates, FPS, sample rate, audio channels and even 2pass encoding option. But don't worry, with Coconut, we like to keep things simple, so 95% of the time, you will just customize the resolution as usual. Keep in mind that all those options are here for users having specific needs!

The syntax changed to support all possible options. However, we will continue to support the old one. You are still advised to update all the formats including v1 and the really old ones created via a form (with integer ID).

So here is the new syntax:


Instead of mixing video and audio settings, we choose to separate them with :. Settings order becomes irrelevant, which is clearer and simpler while making available all possible options.

For example the popular format MP4 720p was written like this in the first version: mp4_720p. Now it's mp4:720p, so as you can see the change is small!

Let's see some more complicated examples to show you all the new possibilities that you couldn't do before:

Simple FormatDescription
mp4:1080p:256kSet the audio bitrate to 256k
mp4:1080p:xDisable the audio track
mp4:720p::2passUse 2pass encoding while keeping the default audio specs
mp4:x:64k_monoMP4 format with audio only at 64kbits and in mono channel
mp4:xDisable the video track while keeping the default audio specs
webm:720p_1400kWebM 720p with video bitrate = 1400kbps
webm:240p_15fps:64kFramerate is set to 15fps and the audio bitrate at 64kbits
webm:1080p:256k_48000hz:2passWebM 1080p with audio bitrate at 256kbits, sample rate at 48000Hz and 2pass encoding enabled
mp4:hevc_1080p_2500k_30fps:256k_48000hzMP4 HEVC with video bitrate at 2500kbits, framerate at 30fps, audio bitrate at 256
mp3:monoMP3 audio only format with mono channel
mp3:22050hz_monoMP3 audio only format with sample rate set to 22050hz and mono channel
aac:256kAAC audio only format at 256kbps
wav:48000hzWAV audio only format with sample rate set to 48000hz

To learn more about Simple Format various options, you can read the full documentation.

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