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Package for HLS and MPEG-Dash with the new HTTPstream output

October 31, 2017 Features

New API version: 2017-10-31

We've worked hard in the past few months to bring you a new output httpstream to package both HLS and MPEG-Dash at the same time at the cost of only one output. Under the hood, we convert the source files to mp4 formats and use the result to generate HLS and MPEG-Dash streams.

In this release, we support both HLSv4 (MPEG TS files), HLSv6 (HLS fMP4) and MPEG-Dash.

The syntax is simple as usual:

-> httpstream = $s3, hls=/hls, dash+hlsfmp4=/dash, playlist_name=master

The httpstream also supports HLS AES Encryption (only HLSv4):

-> httpstream = $s3, hls=/hls, playlist_name=master, hls_encryption_key=ba66aa7334ba85b3bc093db1db3ab931, hls_encryption_key_uri=

You can learn more about HTTPStream output here.

In the meantime, we removed HLS and dash outputs in this release, so be sure to migrate to httpstream before you upgrade your API version from your account.

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