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Top 10 Development and Design Articles Week #1

Eric Fontaine (@EricFontaine_)

May 25, 2016 Resources

Here is our weekly tech digest based on our 10 most engaged tweets about Development and Design :)

#1 redux-observable

Created by Jay Phelps and myself for use on our projects at Netflix, redux-observable is middleware for redux that is inspired by more

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#2 React, a gentle introduction

React is a Javascript library for creating user interfaces, authored by Facebook and Instagram engineers. Is aimed to solve the challenges more

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#3 Adopting Angular 2: Day 1

Interest in Angular 2 has spiked as it has recently entered the release candidate stage. I want to share about how we settled on Angular more

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#4 State and Forms in React, part 3: handling the complex state

First two articles explained the basics of the value link pattern and Volicon’s Value Link library, showing you how to make simple forms with more

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#5 A more seamless workflow — style guides for better design and development

Style guides can give many benefits to the entire workflow, from design right through to more

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#6 7 Reasons why NodeJS is increasingly popular with Web developers

Back end development has always had its challenges, especially when it comes to developing a solution that is user-friendly and comprehensive across multiple more

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#7 Building a Slack bot and then packaging it as a Slack app

Let me start with a short background on what Inspired me to build this app, who knows, you might just see the reason why you need the app more

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#8 How to build your own task runner with es6 and node

I’ve written previously about the topic of running tasks for front end source. I’ve looked at popular task runners such as Gulp and also more

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#9 How to speed up your web app performance

In the last couple of years, the web landscape has dramatically shifted. People want more interactive and fluid experiences. And they want them more

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#10 Is MeteorJS the right Nodejs framework for your app?

In the world of frameworks, choosing the one that’s right for your application can be daunting. There are pros and cons, full-stack vs. minimalist, API-driven or more

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