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Top 10 Development and Design Articles Week #3

Eric Fontaine (@EricFontaine_)

June 07, 2016 Resources

Here is our weekly tech digest based on our 10 most engaged tweets about Development and Design :)

#1 18 Amazing open source Angular projects

This is ‘Amazing’ series of collections for programmers. In this observation, we compared nearly 550 projects built with Angular 1.x and Angular 2 to pick the top more

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#2 The simplest way to make a pull-to-refresh and infinite tableview with Reactjs

Pull-to-refresh and pull-to-load-more are extremely common to show data in web, there are so many libraries to make it in React, but there more

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#3 React JS — Learning to swim

So its been a few months on from my very first blog entry Front End Dev — Running before you can walk which touched on adopting new Front more

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#4 A quick introduction to React

Although it’s easy to roll your eyes at the JavaScript frontier — especially when the next great thing is introduced every week — be careful more

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#5 5 things about Python I learned at PyCon 2016

PyCon is the official and the largest gathering of the Python community. I’ve wanted to attend one for the past three years, but this time the stars more

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#6 22 Amazing open source React projects

This is a collection of open source apps built with React.JS library. In this observation, we compared nearly 800 projects to pick the top more

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#7 How to build a payments microservice with Stripe and Express

Microservices are the new standard in building apps. They give you greater flexibility than a monolith and ensure that the members of your more

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#8 Securing your JS apps w/ Stateless CSRF #krakenjs

Hey there! You might have stumbled upon this post because you’re interested in securing your JS apps, or maybe you’ve heard about the more

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#9 ES2015 Maps

This article introduces the new ES2015 Map and WeakMap types, and compares their use to that of plain object literals. Maps are data structures that pair more

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#10 Meteor, a framework where the hardest part is coming up with an app name

If you’ve spent nights researching and pouring over new technologies almost as fast as they’re created then you know what it is to be a more

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