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Top 10 Development and Design Articles Week #7

Eric Fontaine (@EricFontaine_)

July 06, 2016 Resources

Here is our weekly tech digest based on our 10 most engaged tweets about Development and Design :)

#1 Atmo — UI based server side API mocking tool

Most of the web projects are backed by a web server serving the required data through various technologies such as HTTP based Rest APIs, Socket server... read more

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#2 24 best UX links to learn design

I believe in lifelong learning. As much as I struggle to balance that with the reality that we have limited time, energy and capacity to keep learning while meeting... read more

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#3 You’re the CSS to my HTML

There are developers who have the sole job on working with software designed for the web. Coding for websites uses different languages, and a unique setup... read more

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#4 The Anatomy of Autocorrect

Have you ever wondered how your phone corrects your texts on the fly? Or how Google knows you misspelled a word before you do? This is the topic... read more

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#5 React Native flat app theme

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new theme, React Native Flat App Theme, a fascinating React Native starter kit with flat UI design... read more

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#6 A glimpse of Firebase, with Firebucket

Firebase is a BaaS (Backend As A Service) — aside from the original realtime cloud-hosted NoSQL database, plenty of services have been added, most of them... read more

Top Tweet - Rank6

#7 Inline editing with Angular2

In this tutorial, we are going to create an Angular 2 inline edit component modeled after Angular-xeditable, which was developed for Angular 1. Currently, an Angular 2... read more

Top Tweet - Rank7

#8 Integrating ReactJS with Rails

There is lot of buzz around ReactJS and lot many tech companies started using it in production. Thoughtworks has already adopted and is strongly recommending... read more

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#9 Time range operations with Rails

Returning basic time ranges using ActiveSupport methods. How many times you needed to return a specific time range in order to use it on a query? I was used to code... read more

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#10 Psst… Time to jack up your dumb chat bot brain using

Facebook Messenger is a platform that reaches over a billion people world wide. Now that Facebook has opened up access to sending and receiving messages many... read more

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