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Top 10 Development and Design Articles Week #19

Eric Fontaine (@EricFontaine_)

September 28, 2016 Resources

Here is our weekly tech digest based on our 10 most engaged tweets about Development and Design :)

#1 12 books every Javascript developer should read

I’m a big fan of JavaScript books. Being a long-time learner of JavaScript, I’ve had the pleasure of reading a great many of the popular JavaScript... read more

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#2 Enjoy a good Nodejs client library to convert video into the Cloud

You can also create a job without a config file. To do that you will need to give every settings in the method parameters. Here is the exact same job... read more

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#3 PokéMapper: building a Pokémon Go app using Cloud 66

So unless you’ve been living on a desert island, under a rock or as a Trappist monk for the last week, you’re likely to have witnessed the surprise... read more

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#4 Integrating ReactJS with Rails

I am in love with React because of these 7 strengths of it. As a Rails developer, If I have to choose one of the Javascript Framework in my project... read more

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#5 You want to master Meteorjs and Redux

Welcome to the last post on “How we Redux”. Today is the fifth and final part in this series and I am so glad to have had the opportunity to write this... read more

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#6 Deploying an isomorphic app with Nodejs, Express, Reactjs and MongoDB

Being a web designer for quite a long time, I always wanted to learn more about coding, but I also always had good developers to work with. I was... read more

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#7 How to use classes in Nodejs and why you should!

Lots of people don’t know it, but you can use and extend real classes in Node.js already. There’s a few drawbacks, but once you learn about them... read more

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#8 Creating a multiplayer game with node.js

Back when I was learning node, I built a simple multiplayer game using WebSockets. Since I had fun coding it, I decided to create this tutorial,... read more

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#9 The Engineer’s guide to desks

Whether we work at home, in a pristine window office with a view of other pristine window offices, in a soul-sucking corporate cube farm, or in a series... read more

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#10 First weeks in Elm

Elm has gained some serious attention in the Elixir community. At Erlang Factory SF 2016, Chris McCord shared his Phoenix talk with Elm’s creator,... read more

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