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Top 10 Development and Design Articles Week #20

Eric Fontaine (@EricFontaine_)

October 05, 2016 Resources

Here is our weekly tech digest based on our 10 most engaged tweets about Development and Design :)

#1 Master the DOM. It’s not as hard as you might think

Many web developers think the DOM is really difficult (or slow) and you need a huge framework to tame it. Then they invest a lot of their time to... read more

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#2 8 tips for learning how to code on your own

My name is Kenza, and I am an iOS Developer who graduated from a Psychology bachelor’s degree 3 months ago. Let’s start with getting a few things out... read more

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#3 Meet Moq: easily mock interfaces in Go

In my recent talk about Idiomatic Go Tricks I talked about a testing technique that David Hernandez showed me where you can test code that has dependencies... read more

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#4 Help, help, Angularjs is attacking!!!

This weekend, a few colleagues and I got together and participated in the first annual Angular Attack, a 48-hour virtual programming competition, in... read more

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#5 The technology behind a low latency cloud gaming service

Last July, I read a highly upvoted article on Hacker News claiming that it was possible to play games from an AWS GPU instance. I immediately followed... read more

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#6 Inline styles are so 2016

It looks like there’s a war between CSS and inline styles people but it’s not true: everyone just wants to make their job better day after day. React, in... read more

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#7 Programming is like traveling the World

Software is wonderful. It is literally wonderful and awesome. There are so many languages and communities, each with its own local customs, philosophical... read more

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#8 Are You an Engineer or a Developer?

Did you know software engineers make $13,000 per year more than software developers on average?1 It’s even more than that (a $22,000 difference)... read more

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#9 The decline of Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow was created in 2008 by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky, as a more open alternative to earlier Q&A sites such as Experts-Exchange. The name for... read more

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#10 8 reasons Android is an amazing platform

Android, the worlds most popular mobile operating system just turned 8 years old! eThis amazing platform has come such a long way since 1.0, and... read more

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