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Top 10 Development and Design Articles Week #32

Eric Fontaine (@EricFontaine_)

February 08, 2017 Resources

Here is our weekly tech digest based on our 10 most engaged tweets about Development and Design :)

#1 A guide to cross-browser testing: installing all the things

So, you’ve written a website. Your carefully crafted HTML, CSS and JavaScript sits waiting to be sucked through the ether into the wild world of browsers... read more

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#2 A million requests per second with Python

Is it possible to hit a million requests per second with Python? Probably not until recently. A lot of companies are migrating away from... read more

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#3 I learned to code, build a web app and launch it on Product Hunt in 2 months

Two months ago I started my journey to build my first web app. It’s a very basic web app called When To Surf for surfers to see when is the best time... read more

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#4 How to get free wifi on public networks

This short tutorial describes a few methods for gaining access to the internet, a basic human right, from public wireless networks. This tutorial... read more

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#5 Caddy — a modern web server (vs. nginx)

At the time of writing this article the web is effectively powered by three different major web server software packages. A web server, as covered in... read more

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#6 Build a Next.js website in 4 steps

In this blog I will show you how to pick up an existing website example and curtail it into your own, beautiful Next.js website for publishing content and... read more

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#7 A complete guide to keeping your digital identity short and sweet

If you are like me, a Google search for your name will probably bring up all the accounts you ever created using your real name. If you haven’t been... read more

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#8 How Flexbox works — explained with big, colorful, animated gifs

Flexbox promises to save us from the evils of plain CSS (like vertical alignment). Well, Flexbox does deliver on that goal. But mastering its... read more

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#9 Introduction to Node & Express

Node is a JavaScript environment built on the same JavaScript engine used in Google’s Chrome web browser. It has some great features that make... read more

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#10 Why should you learn Go?

In past couple of years, there is a rise of new programming language: Go or GoLang. Nothing makes a developer crazy than a new programming... read more

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