API documentation

Coconut's API is a config-based API built with simplicity and flexibility in mind.
Encode your first video in less than 5 minutes.

API Reference

API errors

config_not_validThe config file must specify the `source' video location, a `webhook' URL and at least 1 output
outputs_out_of_rangeYou can't submit more than 30 Outputs
params_out_of_rangeYou can't set more than 15 params in a request
output_must_have_one_parameterAn output must contains at least one parameter
authentication_failedAuthentication failed, check your API key
account_suspendedAccount temporarily suspended, contact us for more info

Common errors

unknown_errorUnknown error
output_url_not_validOutput URL is not valid. Supported schemes are s3 ftp sftp http https cf az

Errors by section

Source errors

source_http_404_errorHTTP status code: 404
source_bad_address_errorBad address
source_http_401_errorHTTP status code: 401
source_http_403_errorHTTP status code: 403
source_http_500_errorHTTP status code: 500
source_url_not_validURL is not valid
source_is_not_a_valid_fileVideo is not a valid video file
source_video_too_long__free_plan_limitationSource video is too long (> 5min). Please upgrade your plan

Video encoding errors

transcoding_unsupported_audio_codecUnsupported audio codec
transcoding_unsupported_video_codecUnsupported video codec
transcoding_cant_be_encodedThis video cannot be encoded in this format
transcoding_wrong_audio_settingsWrong settings for audio
transcoding_wrong_video_settingsWrong settings for video
transcoding_cant_retrieve_infoCannot retrieve info from this video
transcoding_not_a_video_fileNot a video file
transcoding_video_too_longVideo too long
transcoding_container_not_supportedThe container of this video is not supported yet
transcoding_audio_cant_be_resampledThe audio can't be resampled
transcoding_format_doesnt_existFormat doesn't exist

HTTPStream errors

httpstream_unknown_errorUnknown error
httpstream_packaging_errorError while packaging
httpstream_upload_errorCouldn't upload the the media files

Thumbnail errors

thumbnail_not_uploadedThumbnails not uploaded successfully
thumbnail_creation_failedThumbnail generation failed
thumbnail_filename_has_no_num_varFilename parameter needs to have the special var #num#
thumbnail_image_format_must_be_png_or_jpgImage Format must be png or jpg

Animated GIF errors

gif_not_uploadedGIF animation not uploaded successfully
gif_creation_failedGIF generation failed
gif_width_out_of_rangeWidth must be > 0px and < 500px

Storyboard errors

storyboard_not_uploadedStoryboard not uploaded successfully
storyboard_creation_failedStoryboard generation failed
storyboard_width_out_of_rangeWidth must be between 100px and 1280px

Format ID errors

format_width_not_in_rangeWidth value is not between 0 and 1920
format_height_not_in_rangeHeight value is not between 0 and 1080
format_video_bitrate_not_in_rangeVideo bitrate value is not between 30 and 10000
format_audio_bitrate_not_in_rangeAudio bitrate value is not between 8 and 512
format_wrong_containerWrong video container
format_wrong_video_codecWrong video codec
format_wrong_fpsWrong FPS value
format_wrong_audio_codecWrong audio codec
format_wrong_sample_rateWrong sample rate value