API documentation

Coconut's API is a config-based API built with simplicity and flexibility in mind.
Encode your first video in less than 5 minutes.

API Reference

List of supported Output URLs

We support a number of CDN and protocols as Output URL.

Amazon S3 & S3-compatible services

URL pattern: s3://access_key:secret_key@bucket/object_key

Special headers

You can append special headers to the URL. For example:


Usage for S3-compatible services

There are many S3-compatibles services such as:

To specify the service, use the host parameter.

To use the Google Cloud Storage service:


Digital Ocean Spaces example:


Note that by specifying the full URL with HTTPS protocol, we will get an HTTPS URL at the end.

Rackspace Cloud Files

URL pattern: cf://username:api_key@container/object_key

Windows Azure

URL pattern: az://account:access_key@container/filename

Backblaze B2

URL pattern: b2://account_id:app_key@bucket_id/path/filename


URL pattern: os://auth_token@host/v1/account/container/filename


URL pattern: ftp://login:password@host:port/path/filename


URL pattern: sftp://login:password@host:port/path/filename


URL pattern: http://yourhost.com/coconut/script

Upload the new encoded video to the specified HTTP address using multipart form POST request.

The parameter name containing the file object is encoded_video by default. To change it, add the query string http_file_name=data so data will have the file object.

You also receive the thumbnail data in thumbnail.

Other parameters are sent as well: encoded_video_id, video_id, job_id.