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robust video encoding.

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Our auto-scalable, AWS-powered architecture makes it simple to outsource video transcoding in the cloud, and scale up as you grow — whether you’re encoding one video or ten thousand daily.
And at half the price of competition.

Like Eadbox, ClassDojo, EdPuzzle or WizIQ,
convert your videos with us, and
save up to 60% on your next video bills.

Pioneer since 2006

Affordable encoding for LMS

As leaders, we convert 34+ millions minutes of video each month.
At half the price of competition.

Easy to use API

A stack dedicated to video

A simple and powerful API to play with. And a rock-solid, auto-scalable architecture, backed by AWS.

Video Formats

From and to any format

Encode your videos to fit any device, any resolution or any format, and reach a larger audience.

DRM and Encryption

Your Videos. Protected.

The highest DRM & Encryption standards to protect your valuable videos.

HTTP Live Streaming

Per-Title Encoding

Save up to 50% on both storage and streaming costs, optimizing the size/quality ratio of your videos with our algorithm.

CDN Delivery

From and to any CDN

We support Amazon S3, Google, Azure, Rackspace, DigitalOcean, and more

More inside: client libraries, video manipulation, transmuxing, 2-pass, thumbnails, GIF, watermark...

" A much more robust product than anything we’ve seen previously "

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