API Reference

Ruby client Library



In a Rails application, add this line to Gemfile:

gem 'coconutrb', '~> 2.2.0'

And then, type in your terminal:

bundle install

You can also install it via rubygems:

sudo gem install coconutrb

Submitting the job

Use the API Request Builder to generate a config file that match your specific workflow.

Example of coconut.conf:

var s3 = s3://accesskey:secretkey@mybucket

set webhook = http://mysite.com/webhook/coconut?videoId=$vid

-> mp4  = $s3/videos/video_$vid.mp4
-> webm = $s3/videos/video_$vid.webm
-> jpg:300x = $s3/previews/thumbs_#num#.jpg, number=3

Here is the ruby code to submit the config file:

# We specify the config file, set the source of the video to convert and
# create a variable "vid" that will be used in the custom webhook URL and output URLs
job = Coconut::Job.create(
  :api_key => "k-api-key",
  :conf    => "coconut.conf",
  :source  => "http://yoursite.com/media/video.mp4",
  :vars    => {:vid => 1234}

if job["status"] == "ok"
  puts job["id"]
  puts job["error_code"]
  puts job["error_message"]

Note that you can use the environment variable COCONUT_API_KEY to set your API key.

Released under the MIT license.