About Coconut

We let developers spend their time on their application code,
not building a brand new encoding system from scratch.

+40M videos converted

What is Coconut?

Formerly HeyWatch and founded in 2006, Coconut is a cloud-based video encoding platform that lets developers move video encoding to the cloud with just a few lines of code.

Our mission is to build a platform that developers love.
We know that developers spend a lot of time on their application code, so we want to make things easier and more productive for them offering beautiful code, API and documentation.

Meet our Founders


Bruno Celeste CTO & Co-Founder

Bruno is a pure entrepreneur, meaning that he set up Coconut right after his studies in System Administration. He is a real self-made man and has taught himself many programming languages for 15 years.
Being passionate about the web and the media industry, he noticed that online video was very complex and this limited its expansion. Many existing desktop applications made it possible to simplify audio and video conversion but nothing existed directly online. For this reason, he founded Coconut in 2006 to provide online encoding capabilities directly accessible in the Cloud by web and tech companies.


Eric Fontaine VP of Business Development & Co-Founder

Eric has been working in the online media industry for 15 years. After spending 4 years at Universal Music Group International in the Mobile Devices Division where he gained a lot of experience in digital video, he set up his own startup Coconut.
Working at Universal Mobile enabled him to gain insight into the complexity and difficulty of online video - so many video formats, containers and codecs to deal with. He consequently decided to build Software as a Service (SaaS) in 2006 to make video transcoding a breeze for tech companies.