About Coconut

We let developers spend their time on their application code,
not building a brand new encoding system from scratch.

+40M videos converted

What is Coconut?

Formerly HeyWatch and founded in 2006, Coconut has been a pionneer in cloud-based video encoding. We have enabled companies to move video encoding to the cloud with just a few lines of code for 12 years.

Our mission: building a platform that developers love
We know that developers spend a lot of time on their application code, so we want to make things easier and more productive for them offering beautiful code, API and documentation.

In a nutshell

  • • We have been cloud video encoding experts for 12 years.
  • • We work with hundreds of startups and big companies worldwide (Tumblr, WeWork, Adobe, Sony, WizIQ, DotSub, Unruly...).
  • • We handle 122,000 encoding jobs daily.
  • • We encode more than 34 millions of output minutes monthly.
  • • We are up to 60% cheaper than competition.